Diablo 4 adds pets to the game, and they’ll pick up your gold and gems

Three pets available with the Vessel of Hatred expansion for Diablo 4 - an adorable tiger, a snow leopard, and a husky.
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Vessel of Hatred pre-orders include more pet options

The setting of Diablo 4 is a particularly grim one; as far as I can tell from my adventures through Sanctuary, everyone is eating boiled beets and waiting to be skinned alive by demons. There’s one thing that Blizzard is adding to the game that’s downright adorable: pets.

There are other benefits to pre-ordering, like a new mount, armor sets for each class, cosmetic wings, and so on — but forget all that, we’re here for the pets. The pets are actually downright adorable. You might expect animals in the world of Sanctuary to have blood-soaked jaws or vicious faces, but instead they look like adorable babies. They’re just fierce enough that you don’t have to worry about them, but otherwise quite cuddly.

Pets will faithfully follow the player around, and they have a special utility in that they’ll pick up gold and items like herbs, ores, and crafting materials for you. It’s nice to know that instead of having to run around everywhere, one of these pets will simply do it for you. Players who log in will receive an in-game request that unlocks pets, and upon completion, you can hang out with Asheara the canine.

There are more pets that can be unlocked with a pre-purchase of Vessel of Hatred, the first expansion for Diablo 4. Players can pick between Alkor the Snow Leopard, Natalya the Tiger, and Hlrati the Canine. For those who don’t want to pick between the three, the Ultimate Edition pre-order will grant all three pets.

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