Warhammer 40K illustrator John Blanche’s steps out with his own line of ‘grimdark femmes’ miniatures

Three female presenting figures strut from left to right, two with mighty tall hats and another holding a syringe. They all have high heels.
Graphic: Charlie Hall/Polygon | Source images: John Blanche

The campaign ends June 12, but a retail release is planned

John Blanche left an indelible mark on science fiction, high fantasy, and the world of gaming as a whole with his iconic art depicting the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universes. Now, after 46 years at Games Workshop, he’s stepping out on his own with a new line of miniatures.

Launched quietly on Tuesday, the Kickstarter campaign for his inaugural Mörderin line launched with four exquisite “grimdark femmes miniatures.” Unsurprisingly, the project has crushed its funding goal. The campaign only runs one week, however, so potential backers should move fast. A retail offering is being planned, but this pre-order opportunity ends on June 12.

Additional miniatures may be unlocked as stretch goals. Delivery is estimated for March or April 2025.

The Mörderin line began as a series of Blanche artworks, rendered in his unique style with its graceful lines and deep shadows. The subjects evoke some of his most memorable work, with boots and hats for days alongside rough and ready futuristic weaponry. But the most decisive element of the entire series is a kind of high-fashion runway strut, reminiscent to his classic portrait of a Sister of Battle.

John Blanche paints miniatures on a humble table in a clean room. He’s wearing a fedora hat.
Image: John Blanche

There was no lore of any kind mentioned in the campaign, but we do have an idea of where Blanche’s head has been since he left Games Workshop. Right after retirement he published a photo of a female Space Marine kitbash, telling Polygon that it was part of a new collection of miniatures he was creating for Trench Crusade, an in-development wargame from Mordheim designer Tuomas Pirinen and Diablo 4 Artist Mike Franchina.

For this project, Blanche’s figures are being produced by Zealot Miniatures in Siocast thermoplastic. That’s the same material used for lines such as Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone and The Witcher Role-Playing Game. For detailed information on how Siocast differs from the plastics and resins you might be used to working with, check out this video featuring PhD chemist Brent Amberger of Goobertown Hobbies.

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