All the new D&D core rulebook cover art, together in one place for the first time

A close-up of Tyler Jacobson’s cover of the Monster Manual (2025) features a massive green-eyed beholder about to let loose on Minsc and Boo.
Image: Tyler Jacobson/Wizards of the Coast

Here’s what the refreshed version of 5th edition will look like on your shelf

When Wizards of the Coast begins releasing the revised 5th edition rules for Dungeons & Dragons this summer, the role-playing game’s three core rulebooks will have a completely new look. They will also come in two different editions: A more traditional set available at mass retail, and a collectible alternate art set available only from local game stores. After weeks of teases and reveals, we now finally know what all six of those books will look like.

The core books have been illustrated, front and back, by Tyler Jacobson — the same artist who provided art for the covers of the Player’s Handbook (2014) and the Dungeon Master’s Guide (2014). But, as you’ll see in the images below, his style here is subtly different, with a more dreamy look on the fronts that matches the timeless nature of its subjects. More precise renders emphasize the character’s facial expressions on the back. Jacobson said earlier this week that prints will be available on his website soon.

The alternate covers, on the other hand (including the collectible Player’s Handbook first revealed here on Polygon) are by two different artists — Wylie Beckert and Olena Richards — they are unified with a unique filligree design by sign maker Simen Meyer. That’s the same artist who created the collectible cover for Candlekeep Mysteries.

Due to the volume of printing required to produce all three hardcover volumes, the release of all three books will stretch into next year. The Player’s Handbook (2024) will be available for pre-order beginning June 18 before arriving at local game shops on Sept. 3. Fans should expect Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024) a bit later on in November, with Monster Manual (2025) arriving in February.

Player’s Handbook (2024)

On the front, a band of adventurers, including a wizard and a paladin, stand on a bridge with a dragon bearing down on them. On the back, a similar gold dragon carries adventurers with more-detailed faces, including a barbarian, an Asian-presenting halfling, and a Black man.
Image: Tyler Jacobson/Wizards of the Coast
For the Player’s Handbook (2024), a gold dragon hovers behind a band of adventurers armed to the teeth. On the back, a square image shows a similar gold dragon carrying a different band of adventurers aloft.
Beckert’s art in situ, positioned behind Meyer’s gilding. There is also a subtle weathering to the grey/brown finish of the rest of the volume.
Image: Wylie Beckert and Simen Meyer/Wizards of the Coast
The alt art cover of the Player’s Handbook (2024) features a party comprised of D&D’s four iconic classes — the fighter, the wizard, the cleric, and the rogue — all gathered around a friendly gold dragon, sharing tea. The gilded filigree, shared between all three alt covers, is by Simen Meyer.

Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024)

A one-horned dragolich, wings spread, stands atop an alter glowing blue. Before them a legion of blue-eyed skeletons. He’s aided by a witch and a warrior in a winged blue helmet.
Image: Tyler Jacobson/Wizards of the Coast
A Dracolich, the witch Skylla, and Warduke stand defiantly on the cover of the mainline Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024). On the back is a mindflayer temple.
On a burgundy background, a massive spider with a woman’s face wraps silk on a humanoid. Only their pleading eyes are visible in the dim light.
Image: Olena Richards and Simen Meyer/Wizards of the Coast
The alt art cover of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024) features a placid Lolth, the Spider Queen, wrapping up an adventurer. Filigree by Simen Meyer.

Monster Manual (2025)

A beholder surprises a group of adventurers on a staircase, while a mimic and other horrors lurk beneath.
Image: Tyler Jacobson/Wizards of the Coast
The mass market version of the Monster Manual (2025) includes a beholder, with Minsc and a tiny Boo there in the thick of the action.
A blue monster with a tantacled mouth and red eyes offers up a tiny purple worm to the viewer. The worm’s teeth are bared.
Image: Olena Richards and Simen Meyer/Wizards of the Coast
The collectible version of the Monster Manual (2025) features a mind flayer, offering up a tiny tadpole for you to enjoy.

Update: We’ve added images of the Player’s Handbook (2024) and the alternate art cover, front and back, of the Monster Manual (2025).

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