Pledge your support for the Bugsnax card game before May 1

Key art for the Bugsnax card game
Image: Kickstarter

Pledge your support for the Bugsnax card game through May 1

We hope you’re hungry for more Bugsnax, because we’re headed back to Snaktooth Island with a new card game currently being funded through Kickstarter. Based on the adorable, poignant, and occasionally horrifying game from Young Horses, the card game will have players taking on the role of their favorite Grumpuses in an attempt to capture and eat the elusive anthropomorphic appetizers.

All of our favorite Bugsnax have been brought to life with awesome card art commissioned from Anneliese Mak, and Justine Raymond. Mak’s credits include illustrations for the Dropout actual play series, Dimension 20, while Raymond provided illustrations and art for the original game from 2020.

A stock photo of cards from the Bugsnax card game
Image: Young Horses Games

At the time of writing, the game has already reached its funding goal of $15,000 (less than 24 hours after launching, too), but you can still pledge your support through May 1. There aren’t any stretch goals, but you can reserve a copy through the Kickstarter page. You can donate starting at a $5 tier that allows you to print your own copy, while pledging at least $25 will net you a legit boxed copy of the game when it launches. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can also opt for a $35 donation, which includes a copy of the card game and a copy of the original game for your preferred platform.

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